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    Cigar Ashtrays from Ceramic and Porcelain

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    Car ashtray as a useful extra equipment of your vehicle

    If you're a cigar aficionado who spends time in the car or has a convertible for recreational tours, the problem is: Many automakers do not offer ashtrays as an option. And if there is an ashtray for the car, it is usually one of the models for cigarettes with many edges inside and a small opening at the top. It will quickly make the experience that these car ashtrays are not suitable for cigar smoker or pipe smoker. Our special cigar car washers have a large opening at the top. These ashtrays are easy to clean from the cigar bag and fit into the cup holders, cup holders of cars.

    Especially if you drive a vintage car or a valuable vehicle such as a Porsche, you would like to have a fixed ashtray. Cigar ashtrays for the cup holder in the car are easy to remove, sit securely in place and can be easily exchanged.

    All cigar ashtray, of course, can also be used as a car cigarette ashtray: course, cigarettes fit into such a car ashtray. For pipes, these ashtrays are also well usable, as the larger opening and depending on the model brackets inside a cautious knocking of the whistle allow. For us it is incomprehensible why no well-known car manufacturer has such cigar ashtrays for cars in the range. With such additional equipment you can relax as a cigar smoking on the way to work or from work on the way home.

  • Monumental Cigar Ashtrays

    Monumental Cigar Ashtrays

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Showing 1 - 12 of 111 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 111 items

Every cigar smokers follows own preferences in terms of cigar ashtrays. There are large ashtrays, which dominate a whole table, small ashtrays, which don’t attract too much attention and still hold the cigars’ ash.

Some cigar ashtrays are designed for many cigars of a whole group of smokers; others are rather the single smoker’s ash plate. All ashtrays offered in our show guarantee for at least certain minimum standards in quality and manufacturing. The quality is of course mirrored in terms of pricing. Still, the cheapest cigar ashtrays satisfy the demands in terms of optical design, functionality and processing. We provide gastronomy and amusement business with whole lots of ashtrays.

We are aware that ashtrays are mainly chosen according to personal taste in matters of design. Like ordinary dishes ashtrays can break and need to be replaced. That’s why I designed the

GERMANUS ashtray line. These affordably Premium ashtrays are constantly produced and offer the quality to do the name GERMANUS resp. my own name justice.