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  • Humidor

    Cigar Humidors are especially for the storage of cigars manufactured boxes. Each humidor is processed in a valuable way and equipped with a humidifier. All humidors are functioning properly with the delivered scope of supply
    Our product range stands out by products designed by us, which are manufactured exclusively for us. These include amongst others our own line of humidors, humidifying solutions for cigar humidors according to our preferences, which are based on new technologies. Our own products are offered under our trademark GERMANUS. If you’re looking for our products, which meet German quality standards, look out for GERMANUS products.
    Each GERMANUS Humidifier is an own exclusive product, which are assembled in Germany. So, we have the direct control over the quality standards of the production process.

    Our humidors are categorized by capacities. Counting a Humidor’s capacity in cigars is difficult, since a cigar is no exactly defined item. According to the smoker’s personal preferences the sizes of the smoked cigars differ. Our counting is based on the standard size cigar, which is in our opinion the Corona format and the Puritos format for adherents of smaller sizes, which increased over the past years according to the modern fast-moving times. (Example: J.L. Piedra Brevas a cigar typical of „Allday Smokes“).

    With separate categories we distinguish items, in which only the substances are offered as a conversion kit and categories, in which complete humidifying boxes are listed.

  • Cigar Humidifier

    Cigar Humidor Humidifier are presented according to your selected Humidor volume. Each humidor holds a certain capacity of cigars. The stated capacity should roughly match the recommend Cigar Humidifier size and capacity. A Humidor for ca. 100 cigars will demand for 4-5 humidifiers designed to moisturize 25 cigars. The advantage of multiple small humidifier boxes is an evenly distributed moisture. This is even more important in view of complex humidor designs. For certain models like large humidor chests, one large humidifier may be the recommend choice, however. A humidifier designed for 100 cigars in a humidor for 100 cigars will fulfil their job, too. The preferred variant is based on your own preferences and the humidor at issue.

    In general, an empty humidor requires a rather larger humidifier capacity. All humidifier models are available in the long term. We offer the certainty that our own products will remain available for years will be available to be purchased, if you need replacements some day.

  • Humidor Hygrometer

    Hygrometer for Cigar Humidors. A gauge allows you to measure the level of humidity at first glance. Among hygrometers there are wide differences in accuracy and quality. Generally, the digital hygrometers are recommendable, since they are simple to use. Among the best sold hygrometers the good old classic is the ECCJ best in test.

  • Cigar Accessories


    To enjoy your cigars tools and utensils are useful. A cigar should be transportes in the corresponding sheath or case. It can hardly be opened without a cigar cutter or cigar scissors. The opened cigar is lighted with a cigar lighter with jetflame technology.


    All cigar lighters are tested prior to being listed in the line of products. We check all lighters in the course of several weeks on different occasions to make sure that they are sturdy enough to last long. Jetflame cigar lighters demand for a certain manufacturing quality and a certain quality of supplied gas. That’s why we offer gas cartdriges as optional items to be purchased together with the lighter.

    All offered gas cartridges meet the demands of jetflame lighters and werk of course tested likewise.


  • Gift Ideas

    Some people own everything. A cigar smoker never got enough, though. Cigar utensils are gifts that keep giving for a long time. That’s the reasons why accessories are perfect gift. The present will be a long lasting memory. A cigar will be gone after several puffs. A humidor, scissors etc. will persist. Some things are even good to be bequeathed.

    The gift ideas in this category are a selection fo products from the shop, which are in our opinion items that are suited to be presented as a gift. They are either useful to literally every cigar smoker or these are original products, which most likely aren’t yet part of the the donee’s collection. It goes without saying that the quality of all recommendations matters to us.

  • Exclusive Products

    These are products, which are exclusively sold resp. made by us either under the GERMANUS trademark or as Tabak Pietsch resp. Philipp Pietsch product. Our line of products stands out of the average. In addition to our line of humidors, which is manufactured according to my own plans and demands, I developed several solutions of humidifying cigars, which are based on new technologies resp. amended existing technologies. All our own products are sold unter the GERMANES trademark. If you’re looking for quality products, which show our Know How, please direct your attention to GERMANUS products.

    All GERMANUS Products are own products. Among others, our GERMANUS humidor humidifiers are handmade and assembled in Germany! That’s the only way to keep full control over the production process.


    GERMANUS products are utensils made for cigar smokers with lifeblood.

  • Bundles

    These are bundles for cigar smokers. Perfect combinations of items for beginners. Ideal gift packages for Christmas, birthday and all special occasions. The bundles are of course combined in a thoughtful way. Buy a whole bundle with serious savings.

  • 2nd Choice

    B-Quality products are 2nd choice: Beautiful products with little blemishes. Please consider the regarded item descriptions, which clearly point out the details. Many products offered in this category are regular "A-like-quality", but sold at a discounted price to do the good reputation justice, which 'Tabak Pietsch' resp. 'Philipp Pietsch' gained over years.

  • Discount Cigar Smoker...

    These are low price quality cigar items like cigar cutters, cigar lighters or cigar humidors. Many of them are from famous brands like Colibri, who today offer low-price accessory products. Also some offers of Porsche Design can be found in our special price category.

  • Customized Humidors

    We customize humidors for your company or cigar club with an indivudal plate.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 176 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 176 items

With our brand GERMANUS we specialise in cigar storage including cigar humidors and humidifying technologies for cigar humidors. Those products are all manufactured German measures of quality. Some of our GERMANUS are Made in Germany.

Each offered product is selected carefully, no matter if it’s GERMANUS or another brand. Before offered online, each product has been tested personally for some time. We gained a good reputation for that testing procedure over the years. Like in the early days of my business, I, Philipp Pietsch, still perform the test personally. Not until I am satisfied, new items are listed online. The resulting product choice includes affordable products, which are worth the money. Good cost performance ratio is understood. As a result the number of products is limited.

Whenever GERMANUS is stated, it guarantees for high quality standards.

Humidors for Cigar Storage

Each type is at least equipped with Hygrometer and a GERMANUS Crystals Humidifier (Acrylpolymer). If the scope of delivery of a foreign manufacturer’s item does not meet our expectations, we change the scope of delivery accordingly. Most standard humidifiers are discarded and replaced with own solutions. Humidors with this scope of delivery are only offered from our shop in that specific scope of delivery. Humidors from Philipp Pietsch gained a growing good reputation not just all over central Europe since I started in 2006. We deliver a growing scale of customers in Russia, Greece, many Asian countries such as Malaysia. Regular customers are from Australia, the USA, South America and also from several Arabic countries and Guld States. We’re used to ship our deliveries internationally and are familiar with specific rules in almost each country worldwide from own experience. If you place your confidence in us for an overseas delivery, we guarantee for the smoothest possible transport and delivery of your order.

Over the years I decided to use that experience to create own humidor models. Our GERMANUS Humidors are available directly through us and are available also via a chosen group of merchants. GERMANUS products meet the specific demands of a cigar smoker that we became acquainted with.

Cigar Humidifiers for Cigar Humidifying

We specifically specialise in exclusive own solutions of cigar humidor humidifiers. Amongst others are GERMANUS Crystals ( in three granularities), GERMANUS Pad System, GERMANUS Humidor Humidifier Wool and the GERMANUS Bead System. We use a growing number of own humidifier boxes. Our GERMANUS Humidifiers are designed according to our personal requirements in exclusive designs.

Cigar Hygrometer

A Hygrometer is needed to at lkeast check the level of humidity from time to time, depending on the humidifer system that your humidor is equipped with. Mainly, we prefer Digital Hygrometers rather than analogue gauges. Digital Hygrometers are easier to handle and, therefore, quite accurate instruments. GERMANUS Hygrometers are specially selected products that we use for years, since Hygrometers in general are a science in theirselves.

Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters with normal standard flame or jetflame technology are a science in theirselves. We carry each lighter in our pocket with us for a couple of weeks in normal days life to have a stress test performed. Our line of cigar lighters is limited, but each of them is a recommendable product slected from a wide range lighters available out there. Like applies to all other categories, GERMANUS cigar lighters guarantee for certain state of quality.