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The question of storing cigars with or without wrapping is a common classic. There are certain degustators who argue that the resins of cigars mix and thereby change the taste of a cigar.
Personally, I can taste it during long storage (> 5 years) with optimal storage. Of course, there are cigars, the mixing up of aroma can be clearly heard. I do not consider it dramatic. That's why I would not separate cigars for me (and I'm sensitive).

However, the storage in Tubos or cellophane casing is advantageous in the maturing process (longer than 2 years). I take the view that such packaged cigars are juicier, better ripen. In comparison, one can use the considerations of the storage of wine in bottles instead of barrels. Any fluctuations in the humidity in the humidor thus have only a very indirect effect.

Important: Keep perfumed cigars (vanilla flavoring) and fire cured cigars (like Toscani) out of Humidor together with regular cigar as far as possible and keep them away from anything else. Here the aroma is indeed coloring.