Cigar Guide

Delivery Time

The delivery time is the result of different times:

Dispatch Time: The time that the order needs to be processed in our stock and be handed over to the transport company.
Transport Time: The time that the delivery company takes to transport the order to your address
Storage Time: Possible times, if the order is held for pickup at the local post office/parcel shop or neighbours.

The actual transport time depends on the destination. The following describes some popular destinations.

Germany: usually 1-3 business days
EU: usually 2-7 business days
World: usually 3-15 business days

These are some popular countries
UK: usually 1-4 business days
Austria: usually 1-3 business days
Australia: usually 5-10business days
France, Italy and further countries near Germany: usually 3-5 business days

I declare that the given values are guidance values according to years long experience of shipping to those countries. The data is given under reserve. Of course strikes, political circumstances or other hold backs can lead to local delays.

Please note: Corona can cause delivery delays, especially locally across the globe, due to lockdown measures. Please visit the DHL website for details:

Please note: We ship worldwide.