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Porsche Design presents lifestyle products of the highest standards. A special figurehead is the Porsche series of high-quality lighters for cigars, cigarettes or pipes. In addition, Porsche Design also has a very chic series of cigar cutters.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is the designer of the legendary Porsche 911er, which is reissued in a cited form with each series. His design is one of the timeless and most consistent creations in the field of the automobile. Perfection that can not be improved. At the beginning of the 70s the enterprise changes. Porsche KG becomes AG, the family members withdraw from the operative business. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche remains the seat on the supervisory board, he has to give up his job as chief designer - that's the rule. He founded Porsche Design in Stuttgart in 1972, more driven by his creative urge than by a profitable business idea. Porsche Design stands today in this tradition. The assortment covers different categories of clothing over suitcases, jewelery, watches, of course lighters up to fragrances, writing utensils and spectacles. Each product group starts with a P followed by a four-digit number. The first digit indicates the product group. In the case of Porsche lighters this is category 3.

So if you are looking for suitable accessories for your Porsche 911, Porsche Design is the place for you. Your lighter or your cigar cutter in the tradition of the Porsche 911 is available from us.