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  • Cigar Ashtrays

    Every cigar smokers follows own preferences in terms of cigar ashtrays. There are large ashtrays, which dominate a whole table, small ashtrays, which don’t attract too much attention and still hold the cigars’ ash.

    Some cigar ashtrays are designed for many cigars of a whole group of smokers; others are rather the single smoker’s ash plate. All ashtrays offered in our show guarantee for at least certain minimum standards in quality and manufacturing. The quality is of course mirrored in terms of pricing. Still, the cheapest cigar ashtrays satisfy the demands in terms of optical design, functionality and processing. We provide gastronomy and amusement business with whole lots of ashtrays.

    We are aware that ashtrays are mainly chosen according to personal taste in matters of design. Like ordinary dishes ashtrays can break and need to be replaced. That’s why I designed the

    GERMANUS ashtray line. These affordably Premium ashtrays are constantly produced and offer the quality to do the name GERMANUS resp. my own name justice.

  • Cigar Cutter

    No smoke without cigar cutter. With a cigar cutter cigars are opened. Above all sharpness matters. That’s why we offer selected line of cigar cutters instead a broad selection. All offered cutters are actually usable in every day smoker life. Among others we offer Colibri cutters (the 007 brand) plus Xikar cutters. Our home cutter is made by Wolf in Solingen, Germany, which is the famous German city for blade manufacturing for centuries.

    Cigar Cutting tools can be distinguished in 4 groups: In additon to the look of the cut surface the cutting results differ in size. The larger the cutting surface, the better your cigar airs, the more air is ventilated upon drawing. A large cut offers a light draw. A slim cut puts emphasis on the the diversity of bouquets and flavours and strength of your cigar. Personally, I got a special tool for each size and cigar format and each origin country. All variants have their justified existence. Most cigar smokers try each variant of cigar cutters over the time and find their favourite tool for each situation.

    The modern cutter for cigars with one or two blades is also known as Guillotine. The cigar cutter is the standard tool in modern times. These tools allow opening your cigar with minimal dexterity with a well airing cut for a high draw.

    Notch Cutter
    The notch cutters was out of style for a long time and enjoys a revival at the moment. I personally like these tools very much. A nearly 100 year old notch cutter, which is a family heirloom, remains being my favourite tool. Notch cutters in general and the models offered in our shop are recommend like the ones from Colibri or Germanus: If you never used one of these before, try these great family of cigar cutters for Longfiller Cigars. The medium range opening surface offers a pleasant draw and a good density of flavours.

    Cigar Puncher
    These cigar cutters punch your cigar, cut a hole. These are the cuts with the smallest surface and prevent fraying of the wrapper consequently. The cutting procedure demands for only basic dexterity and care. Cutting a cigar with a cigar puncher in darkness is easily possible. The small cutting surface results in the lowest draw, but most cigars credit this method with an increased complexity in flavours and density of flavours plus strength compared to other methods. If you diagnose your cigar at issue with a too low draw, cutting it again carefully with one of the other cutters is still possible.

    Cigar Scissors
    The scissors for cigars demand for a certain level of dexterity, but it allows the smoker opening the cigar exactly according to the own preferences. A cigar can literally undergo surgery with sharp cigar scissors. On the way you may prefer one of the alternatives, for home use this is a recommend and popular tool.  

  • Transport

    A spare cigar is difficult to transport without damages to the wrapper. That’s why we offer several cigar sheaths and cigar cases for the transport of your cigars on the way outdoor. The classic cigar sheath made from leather is still a popular way of transport. The modern transport solution is shockproof cigar cases. These carrying cases cover cigars airtight and totally shock proof in soft foam.

  • Cigar Lighters

    Each single lighter offered in our shop has been personally tested in every day life for weeks to proof certain sturdiness. Cigar Lighters aren’t listed online before they passed the tests. Cigar Jetflame Lighters demand a rather high level of manufacturing quality and demand for quality pure gas. So, in addition to the lighters you can add gas cartridges to your order. Each gas meets the requirements. The gas has been testes previously to being listed either.

    (Most quality refillable lighters are maunfactured and shipped nearly empty. Please order a cartridge of corresponding gas along with your lighter.)

  • Toscani

    Toscano cigars

    Here you will find supplies for Toscani cigars such as Humidor, cutter for sharing the Toscano in 2 Toscanelli so far cases for transport. Here are some words to Toscani in the words of the importer. The myth

    The story of the TOSCANO® cigars is based on the following myth. A summer torrential rain in 1815 produced such huge amounts of water that they could no longer be taken up by the Arno. The water also reached the Toscano grounds and soaked the tobacco bales stored outside. The precious tobacco that was spoiled by the rain, you did not want to destroy and so it was decided to make a completely new cigar out of it. This should be offered to the simple Florentine citizens at an affordable price. To everyone's surprise, the cigars were a great success right from the start. The water had triggered a fermentation process in the tobacco and created a completely new taste. The TOSCANO® cigar, with its typical shape and unique taste, is a symbol of the Italian way of life that can be recognized everywhere. With almost 200 years of history, it is an icon of Italian products and inseparably interwoven with the history of Italy and its inhabitants.

    The production
    The tobacco

    The TOSCANO® Cigar is made exclusively from fermented Kentucky tobaccos. So that the same flavor is always guaranteed, special demands are placed on the tobacco qualities. The composition of the cigar

    A TOSCANO® is made from the insert and the binder. Cigars, e.g. Made in the Caribbean, consist of insert, binder and an additional cover sheet. This important difference makes it clear that special demands are placed on the quality of the leaflet. For TOSCANO® cigars selected thicker Kentucky tobacco leaves are used, which have particularly uniform surfaces and give the cigar a beautiful look. The fire treatment

    The Kentucky tobacco is characterized by its dark color and is subjected to a special "fire treatment". This has been unchanged for over 100 years. But the tobacco comes in special ovens, which are fired with oak and beech wood. As a result, the leaves are subjected to an intensive drying process associated with the process of smoking of e.g. Ham is comparable.

    The fermentation The tobacco is today, as in the former summer rain with water soaked. The wet tobacco is then pressed. The resulting heat starts the fermentation process. For uniform fermentation, the pressed bales are taken apart several times and rearranged. The fermentation lasts 30-50 days, depending on the cigar. This process gives the TOSCANO® cigar its intense, full and unique aroma. The storage

    The perfect enjoyment begins with the storage. The cigar TOSCANO® should be stored in a humidor or a cigar box with about 65% -75% humidity. Until enjoyment, it should be left in the breathable cellophane wrap.

    The cut

    Please do not destroy a TOSCANO® cigar by breaking it with your hands or using a pair of scissors to split it into two pieces. Use a sharp cigar cutter. The perfect cut ensures even burn of the cigar. One half in the morning and the other half in the evening. The Friendship Cigar A particularly nice reason to share the cigar is to smoke it with a friend. Thus, Toscanello has become known in Italy and far beyond the borders as a cigar of friendship.

  • Porsche Design


    Price promotion: We sell Porsche Design brand products as a discount product. Stock only while supplies last.

    Porsche Design presents lifestyle products of the highest standards. A special figurehead is the Porsche series of high-quality lighters for cigars, cigarettes or pipes. In addition, Porsche Design also has a very chic series of cigar cutters.

    Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is the designer of the legendary Porsche 911er, which is reissued in a cited form with each series. His design is one of the timeless and most consistent creations in the field of the automobile. Perfection that can not be improved. At the beginning of the 70s the enterprise changes. Porsche KG becomes AG, the family members withdraw from the operative business. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche remains the seat on the supervisory board, he has to give up his job as chief designer - that's the rule. He founded Porsche Design in Stuttgart in 1972, more driven by his creative urge than by a profitable business idea. Porsche Design stands today in this tradition. The assortment covers different categories of clothing over suitcases, jewelery, watches, of course lighters up to fragrances, writing utensils and spectacles. Each product group starts with a P followed by a four-digit number. The first digit indicates the product group. In the case of Porsche lighters this is category 3.

    So if you are looking for suitable accessories for your Porsche 911, Porsche Design is the place for you. Your lighter or your cigar cutter in the tradition of the Porsche 911 is available from us.

    Porsche - reasons for global success

    Porsche chases from one record to another. Sales and turnover increase. The Zuffenhausen-based company is the most profitable car manufacturer in the world. We give ten reasons why this success was achieved.

    Brand image
    Anyone who drives a Porsche can be sure that he or she has an exclusive car. This is exactly what the global brand strategy is based on. In 2004 Porsche received a marketing prize. The jury was particularly impressed by the revitalization of the Porsche brand.

    The cheapest model, a Boxster with 245 hp, costs from 45,309 euros. Porsche could sell its cars cheaper. But then the exclusivity would no longer exist. The price, precisely because it is so high, is an important buying argument for many buyers.

    A Porsche rarely breaks down. It hardly appears in the ADAC breakdown statistics. Among customers in the USA, the Zuffenhausen-based company even achieved the top rank.

    Hardly any other car lasts as long in traffic as a Porsche. The percentage of all vehicles ever built that are still on the road is 70 percent. A peak value.

    Production costs
    Like all car manufacturers, Porsche is trying to reduce production costs. The bodies for the Cayenne SUV, for example, come from the VW plant in Bratislava. The Porsche parent plant in Zuffenhausen produces the engines. Final assembly takes place at the Leipzig plant.

    Development of new models
    To cushion the financial risk, Porsche developed the platform for an off-road vehicle together with VW. Porsche calls it the Cayenne, at VW it is called the Touareg.

    Size alone does not guarantee success. DaimlerChrysler AG had to experience this painfully. Porsche, on the other hand, as the smallest German car manufacturer, has always maintained its independence. It is part of the company philosophy.

    Porsche can reinvent itself and adapt to the market whenever it needs to. For example, climate protection is also forcing Porsche to rethink. Head Wiedeking once said that even a Porsche powered by hydrogen could be great fun.

  • Cigar Holder

    In the past, not only cigarettes but also cigars with a tip were smoked. We take up this quite meaningful tradition again with our cigar tip made of briar refined in orange black with acrylic mouthpiece. All our cigar tips are beautiful handmade.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 178 items


To enjoy your cigars tools and utensils are useful. A cigar should be transportes in the corresponding sheath or case. It can hardly be opened without a cigar cutter or cigar scissors. The opened cigar is lighted with a cigar lighter with jetflame technology.


All cigar lighters are tested prior to being listed in the line of products. We check all lighters in the course of several weeks on different occasions to make sure that they are sturdy enough to last long. Jetflame cigar lighters demand for a certain manufacturing quality and a certain quality of supplied gas. That’s why we offer gas cartdriges as optional items to be purchased together with the lighter.

All offered gas cartridges meet the demands of jetflame lighters and werk of course tested likewise.