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Standard Analog Spiral Hygrometer

These hygrometers are reasonably priced and are visually beautiful to look at.
However, since spiral hygrometers give only rough guideline values, which in itself does not detract from the actual function of the humidor, the following recommendation:
As an accessory, I would recommend a small digital hygrometer

Calibration of hygrometers

Every hygrometer has an effective range in which it measures accurately. A setting with extreme value against 100% is therefore always somewhat dangerous, no matter which make you use. Personally, I would rather advise to compare with a second hygrometer. In terms of percentage point exactly is no product under a four-digit price range.

Digital Hygrometer and the accuracy of the humidity measurement

The sensors have a certain spread, the electronics also. This results in an interval of 7%.
It is more likely to measure whether it is 65, 70 or 80%. But it can not be more exact, which is not necessary.
If you are in the interval 65-75%, that fits. Then everything is OK.

In recent years, the belief has become common in some places that exact 70% rel. Humidity must prevail in a humidor. Everything else is dangerous. There are two theses to counter.

1.) 70% is a possible value. In fact, long-term storage tends to occur at around 60%, while cigars for consumption are readily stored by many smokers at 75% or more. Personally, I have for the purpose of a small humidor with about 75% humidity in operation for which I exceed the regular amount of humidifier capacity.

2.) For more accurate measuring, the measuring devices do not exist or are too high priced for the private user resp. are not available. However, none of the commercially available hygrometers are able to measure 70% accurately. Achieved ideal values ??thus give a good picture and convey an idea of accuracy, which is deceiving to some extent. Those values are not based on valid measurements such as would be necessary in medicine. I therefore recommend only aiming for a value "about" 70%. Such thinking saves the user time, nerves and costs.
Cigars do not need an exact 70%.

Unfortunately, the assumption is still carried into the world. At fairs, I often meet people who make me smile in conversation. People put themselves under unnecessary pressure and would to well to convey a more realistic idea.

I can only advise prudence in the point of measuring moisture. Who likes to invest in a dew point meter and medical hygrometer, of course, can do that. These are great devices. The costs are in the more or less elevated four-digit area. The effort drives no cigar lounge known to me, because it is not necessary. On the other hand, they definitely use the same devices that we manufacture or sell.

Marc Andre, who is a German humidor manufacturer, once made very meaningful comments on the subject.
I hereby exceptionally allow myself a direct quote:
Do not let it drive you crazy

"With a commercial hygrometer you can measure whether the humidor tends to have 65, 70 or 75% rel. Damp lie. You can not expect more. Again and again I get calls from worried cigar smokers, who, quite upset, report that they are moistening with the electronic humidifier HYDROCASE but simply can not get to the 70%. At 66% is over. Considering that the sensor in the HYDROCASE has a 1.8% error, the hygrometer itself is about 3-4% (if it is calibrated perfectly), and then there are temperature variations - then 66% is a perfect value.
High precision measurement with dew point mirror

If you really want the rel. Humidity measured with high precision, you can only do this with a precision electronic hygrometer with a capacitive sensor or with a dew-point mirror. Such electronic precision hygrometers start at about € 280.- and for a dew point mirror you have to lie down a four-digit amount. But then measure to half a percent exactly."

My own 50 Cents: There are many discussions on the internet. There are many interesting, useful and very useful forums. However, forums also always run the risk of artificially problematizing topics on scientifical issues and thus problematic topics. The topic Humidity measurement is m.E. such a case. As Marc Andre so sensibly describes, no one with normal technology is able to make such accurate measurements. This is also not necessary: We receive daily questions on all sorts of topics. Humidity measurement is one of the central topics. There are absolutely heartfelt letters from desperate smokers, who only measure 71% and genuinely fear for their enjoyment and are honestly driven by fear of losing their whole stock of cigars. I am always personally very sorry for this. There is a person who is really worried and is spending a lot of time driven by fear. In fact, everything is in the best order. As a result, it can happen that people completely lose the pleasure of cigar enjoyment. I am humanly responsible for this suffering, I am personally personally sorry and is also regretful on business.

Therefore, my earnest request: Please do not go crazy. :) Use a sensible hygrometer like our GERMANUS Digital Hygrometers .
Please enjoy your cigars and look forward to it. Cigars are made to relax and enjoy the smoker. A cigar will not break if it is 65, 68, 72 or 75% rel. Humidity is stored. Care and reflection are useful as always in life. But cigar storage, as we offer it, is not rocket science for the user. Do not worry. Please also visit our article about long time impacts on cigars, which are stored in a dry environment.

best regards, Philipp Pietsch