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Thanks to Integra Boost, a two-way moisture control of your cigars is possible.
In case of too much dryness, the Integra Boost Humipack releases moisture. If it is too humid, it absorbs excess moisture until it reaches the optimum level of 70%. The quality of the cigars is now maximized by ideal humidification. The flavors still have the ability to ripen through the ideal storage environment, even if they are handled perfectly after harvest.

How does Integra Boost work?
The 2-way humidifier bags work by the natural principle of osmosis. The Integra Boost Packs respond to the current temperature and humidity in the immediate area and automatically deliver in small quantities either moisture to the environment, or absorb them. An indicator card with a red dot is attached to each pack. If this point turns light blue, the Humipack must be replaced. Integra Boost Packs are safe to handle and completely non-toxic. They are dense, tear-resistant and biodegradable. In addition, they are 100% salt-free, so that the taste of your herbs is not affected.

Please note:
- Do not combine Integra Boost Humipacks of different moisture levels in one container
- Do not use other moistening products with the Integra Boost Humipacks