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A spare cigar is difficult to transport without damages to the wrapper. That’s why we offer several cigar sheaths and cigar cases for the transport of your cigars on the way outdoor. The classic cigar sheath made from leather is still a popular way of transport. The modern transport solution is shockproof cigar cases. These carrying cases cover cigars airtight and totally shock proof in soft foam.

Cigar case: Stylish and safe storage for your cigars

Cigar case for safekeeping

Cigar cases are not only chic accessories, but also fulfil an important purpose: the safekeeping of your treasured cigars. As a passionate cigar lover, you certainly know how important it is to protect your cigars from damage and drying out to ensure full enjoyment. Cigar cases offer precisely this protective function by keeping your cigars in a stable and protected environment. Whether you are on the road or want to store your cigars at home, a cigar case preserves their freshness and quality.

By using a cigar case, you can also ensure that your cigars are not accidentally crushed or damaged. The robust exterior of the cases protects the cigars from external influences and preserves their integrity. Drying out of the cigars is also prevented, as the cases can store moisture and thus maintain optimum humidity for the cigars.

Overall, cigar cases are a sensible investment for any cigar lover who wants to store their precious cigars safely and stylishly. With a cigar case, you can enjoy your passion for cigars even more, as you always know that your treasures are well protected.

Variable length cigar cases

For cigar lovers who like to enjoy different cigar formats or want to be flexible when travelling, variable length cigar cases are the ideal solution. These practical cases are designed to adapt to different cigar lengths and thus offer a versatile storage option.

A variable length cigar case allows you to safely store cigars of different sizes without the need for multiple cases. This is particularly practical when travelling or at parties where different cigar formats are on offer. With a variable-length cigar case, you always have the right case to hand, no matter which cigar you choose.

These cases are often equipped with a flexible closure system or an adjustable inner compartment that can easily be adapted to the size of the cigars. This allows you to store your cigars safely in a firm and protected environment without them sliding around in the case or getting damaged.

Whether for personal use or as a gift for a cigar lover, a variable length cigar case is a practical and versatile solution to preserve the beauty and quality of your cigars.


Cigar cases are in a class of their own when it comes to stylish and elegant cigar cases. These special cases are often made of high-quality metal or leather and are distinguished by their elegant appearance. Cigar cases are the perfect choice for special occasions or for enjoying cigars with a touch of luxury.

The robust exterior of the cigar cases offers excellent protection for your cigars and preserves their freshness and quality. Metal cases are particularly resistant and protect the cigars from external influences, while leather cases exude a classic elegance and are comfortable to hold.

Cigar cases are available in different sizes and offer space for one or more cigars. Some models have additional compartments or accessories, such as an integrated cigar cutter or lighter.

With a cigar case you can take your cigar enjoyment to a new level and express your passion for cigars in style. Whether as a gift for a cigar lover or for personal use, a Cigarcase is a sophisticated accessory that makes every cigar enjoyment an unforgettable experience.

Cigar cases material selection

The choice of materials for cigar cases is varied and offers the right case for every taste. Each material has its own advantages and contributes to the beauty and functionality of the cases.

Leather cases are timeless classics and radiate elegance. The high-quality material protects the cigars from external influences and offers a pleasant feel. Leather cases are often handmade and can be decorated with fine details, which makes them special pieces of jewellery for cigar lovers.

Metal cases are particularly robust and resistant. They offer excellent protection for your cigars and are ideal for travelling. Metal cases come in a variety of finishes, from shiny polished to matt black or metallic.

Wooden cases give your accessories a natural touch and exude a warm elegance. They often feature fine wood grains and offer a rustic beauty. Wooden cases are an excellent choice for cigar lovers who appreciate the closeness to nature.

Regardless of your material preference, you can be sure that any cigar case will provide safe and stylish storage for your cigars. The choice of materials allows you to find a case that suits your individual preferences and needs and makes your cigar enjoyment even more pleasant.


Extra-large cases: generous protection for your cigars

Extra-large cigar cases are the ideal solution for cigar lovers who enjoy longer or thicker cigar formats, or who want to carry several cigars on the go. These generously sized cases offer sufficient space and protection for your precious cigars and allow you to transport your treasures stylishly and safely.

The spacious design of the extra-large cases ensures that your cigars are not compressed or damaged. The cigars have enough space to retain their shape and integrity, and can therefore be enjoyed in their best condition.

Extra-large cigar cases are often made of high-quality materials such as leather or metal and exude a timeless elegance. They are available in various designs, from simple and classic to luxuriously ornate, so you can choose a case that suits your personal style.

Whether you're travelling or want to store your cigars in the office or at home, an extra-large cigar case offers you the flexibility and protection you need for your treasured cigars. With an exclusive case, you can enjoy your cigar pleasure even more and express your passion for fine cigars in style.

Cigar cases, brands and manufacturers: quality and style for every taste

The world of cigar cases is dominated by a variety of renowned brands and manufacturers, known for their high-quality products and stylish designs. These brands offer a wide range of cases in different materials, sizes and styles to suit the individual preferences and needs of every cigar lover.

Popular brands such as S.T. Dupont, Xikar, Colibri and Dunhill stand for quality, craftsmanship and elegance. Their cases are often handmade and feature refined details that make them true gems for cigar lovers.

Some brands specialise in particular case styles, such as cigar cases for a touch of luxury or variable-length cases for maximum flexibility. Other manufacturers offer a wide range of cases to suit every taste and occasion.

If you are looking for a cigar case, you can rely on the quality and design of these well-known brands. A case from a renowned brand is not only a practical accessory, but also an expression of style and taste