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  • Tobacco Clutch Mary Jane

    Kavatza expanded their product line by tobacco smoker clutches. One cannot describe those clutches better than in the very own words of the designer, which convey. Thus, a quotation:

    Was ist es? Eine Handtasche, ein Portemonnaie, eine Joint Tasche? Alles, Baby! Tagsüber ein Portemonnaie, abends eine Clutch: Für diese Verwandlung braucht es keinen Feenstaub, nur eine goldene Kette. Handy, Geld, Joint Utensilien , alles dabei. Sitzt das Make-up? Check-up im Spiegel. Die größten Schätze entfaltet die Mary Jane – dann, wenn der Abend am entspanntesten ist.

    Gold-Glam goes Naturkork, unverzichtbar zu jedem Style. Diese Clutch ist mehr als ein Accessoire, sie ist ein Statement. High level fashion – high level Kavatza.

  • Kavatza Book

    Kavatza books for rollers with tampers. In the cases you can stow away all the materials and tools like papers and filters as well as tobacco wonderfully.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items

Kavatza Tobacco Pouches are actual unique Tobaccopouches. These tobacco bags distinguished themselves by their high standards in manufacturing quality. The superior leather quality in addition to the virtues of a finecut pouch of a company led by an enthusiastic team. Kavatza offers great customer support with a sincere contact. We offer all Kavatza tobacco pouch models. We ask you for your understanding that these are products made from natural leather, which therefore are each unique. No two Kavatza pouches are exactly the same.