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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

GERMANUS Cigarette Case in silver plated with genuine 925 Silver. Corpus of case from band steel. The whole production process is Made in Germany.

Question: Your silver cigarette cases cost more than your gold cigarette cases. Which alloy, gold or silver plated, is higher quality?

Answer: Both alloys are equal in their own right. Silver is much more expensive to produce and therefore more expensive. Because silver oxidizes, the cases need to be specially welded. In addition, the process of the alloy itself is more complex than the gilding. The commodity price hardly plays a role here. The difference is purely due to personnel costs and production costs.

You could also make a simpler silver alloy. We were not satisfied with these results.

Important: Silver must also be cleaned regularly later or fogged by oxidation in the air as it is known from silver cutlery. Gold is less complicated in that respect.
Qualitatively, both products are on equal terms.