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    GERMANUS business cards cases 2nd choice. "Second choice" means that these products have minor imperfections and/or served as a display item. Made in Germany.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

GERMANUS business card cases. Made in Germany Made in Germany. Business card holders and business card cases

Business card cases are used to store business cards. When you receive a business card, you want to tuck the business card away in style to show respect to the giver. It is precisely for this expression of respect that the need for valuable business card cases arises. In addition to simply storing business cards as business card holders, business card cases serve to store the cards in style.

Our business card cases have a capacity of approx. 20-30 cards depending on the paper thickness of the inserted business cards. For this purpose, we offer the business card holders in various sizes.

Our business card cases are completely made in Germany. 100% Made in Germany. The strip steel body is either alloyed or decorated with a top layer. In this way, we create business card cases of such quality that the cases can still be inherited when used normally. Our business card cases are made entirely in Germany.