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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

The GERMANUS watch cushion standard

Our GERMANUS watch cushions are standardised and therefore always reliable, suitable and replaceable. German Design.

Whether watch roll, watch box or case, the most important criterion for the watch box is the cushion. It should fit your watch, hold it securely and be neither too firm nor too soft. We invested a lot of effort in our GERMANUS watch cushions. All our watch cushions have a production size of 76 mm length x 60 mm width x 42 mm height. With this size you can safely store practically any watch. Especially larger chronometers will find a safe place. The respective compartment size is of course based on the dimensions of our watch cushions.

Our watch boxes and watch rolls may therefore appear somewhat larger than you are used to at first glance. The advantage: your watch will fit on our watch cushion.

Watch boxes

Our watch boxes are available in practically any size and design. The choice of materials includes the normal materials such as leather and imitation leather (leather-free), carbon and modern materials on a body of wood. We are increasingly looking at modern industrial materials. The materials of the interiors of modern cars serve as our inspiration here.

GERMANUS fit: Of course, all GERMANUS watch boxes come with the GERMANUS fit. This means that our highly compatible GERMANUS watch cushion comes into play.

Watch rolls

Our watch rolls are suitable for storage at home as well as when travelling.

GERMANUS fit: Of course, our watch rolls also use what we call the GERMANUS fit. This means that your chronometers will sit firmly in position, yet still have enough air. The fit inside is especially important during transport. Secure closure: Our watch rolls are also characterised by the secure closure with mostly 4 buttons. If fewer contact points are used, the corners could bend up or even open accidentally.

Jewellery boxes

The GERMANUS jewellery boxes allow the protected storage of your jewellery pieces. Whether ring, chain, pin, pin, brooch - or even watch collectors: our jewellery boxes hold your valuable pieces.


As a manufacturer, we can offer you practically all the individual parts of our watch products as spare parts. Our watch cushions are standardised, so to speak, and therefore interchangeable. Of course, we also offer our watch cushions separately

GERMANUS quality

With our GERMANUS brand, we have made a name for ourselves over many years, not only in the field of casket production, but in the lifestyle sector in general. Our leather goods have established themselves. The same emphasis on quality that you have come to expect from us with other products is something we also bring to the "Watch Collectors" product range.

We combine our expertise with the dedication and expertise of watch enthusiasts. In terms of design, conception, function, materials and workmanship, different skills come together. These skills are then bundled into a product that we ourselves are so keen to use.

we ourselves are so keen to use.