Cigar Guide

Pollution Control

Tabak Pietsch is involved with pollution control.Of cour­­se our customers smoke. However, we don’t want to force Co² emissions or raw material consumption. Apart from balancing programs such as DHL’s GoGree program we work practically autarkic with regards to caused waste.


We recycle packaging and packaging materials after visual judgement. It goes without saying that packaging should always be a feast for the eyes. We take care that there are no optical disadvantages for our customers. Quite the contrary, our ecological position allows us offering a above average quality of packaging materials at low shipping costs.

For example we take Chipboard material, which is made of paper, from other manufacturers and reuse it. At the bottom line our shipments generate a minimum amount of waste. Our own packaging is in accordance reusable itself.

An impression of our packaging’s’ material is presented on the related page, which can be accessed via corresponding link.

Information on how to recycle batteries

Some items may contain batteries. Please do not dispose those batteries as household garbage, but handle them as recyclable goods according to your countries law. You can also return batteries for a disposal acc. with German nature conservation regulations.

Pb: Battery contains Plumb
Cd: Battery contains Cadmium
Hg: Battery contains Quicksilver