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Showing 1 - 12 of 130 items

These are products, which are exclusively sold resp. made by us either under the GERMANUS trademark or as Tabak Pietsch resp. Philipp Pietsch product. Our line of products stands out of the average. In addition to our line of humidors, which is manufactured according to my own plans and demands, I developed several solutions of humidifying cigars, which are based on new technologies resp. amended existing technologies. All our own products are sold unter the GERMANES trademark. If you’re looking for quality products, which show our Know How, please direct your attention to GERMANUS products.

All GERMANUS Products are own products. Among others, our GERMANUS humidor humidifiers are handmade and assembled in Germany! That’s the only way to keep full control over the production process.


GERMANUS products are utensils made for cigar smokers with lifeblood.