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Each single lighter offered in our shop has been personally tested in every day life for weeks to proof certain sturdiness. Cigar Lighters aren’t listed online before they passed the tests. Cigar Jetflame Lighters demand a rather high level of manufacturing quality and demand for quality pure gas. So, in addition to the lighters you can add gas cartridges to your order. Each gas meets the requirements. The gas has been testes previously to being listed either.

(Most quality refillable lighters are maunfactured and shipped nearly empty. Please order a cartridge of corresponding gas along with your lighter.)

Cigar lighters: perfect enjoyment for cigar lovers.

When it comes to lighting a high-quality cigar, a cigar lighter is crucial. These special lighters are designed to meet the unique requirements of cigars and ensure optimal lighting and enjoyment. Below, we provide an overview of different types of cigar lighters and useful accessories:

Cigar lighters: there are different types of cigar lighters that produce a flame in different ways. Among them, jet flame lighters are especially popular.

Jetflame lighters: these lighters produce a strong, directional flame that is great for lighting cigars. Jetflame technology allows for precise flame control and prevents soot or ash from contaminating the cigar.

Jetflames lighter with more than one flame: Advanced cigar aficionados may prefer lighters with multiple jet flames, which allow for even faster and more consistent ignition. Such models are also extremely effective in windy conditions.

Table Lighters: For stylish enjoyment at home or in the office, table lighters are an excellent choice. These larger lighters offer an elegant look and often a larger tank capacity for longer enjoyment.

Cigar lighters with add-ons: Some cigar lighters come with convenient add-ons, such as a built-in cigar cutter or cigar tip drill, making them a versatile companion for cigar lovers.

Brands and manufacturers for cigar lighters: The world of cigar lighters is dominated by well-known brands and manufacturers that are known for quality and reliability. Examples include S.T. Dupont, Xikar, Colibri, and many more.
However, as GERMANUS, we focus primarily on our own products. Pay special attention to our GERMANUS cigar lighters.
Like every product, especially our lighters are used by ourselves and are thus in a constant quality assurance.

Cigar lighter accessories: In addition to the lighters, there are also accessories that can improve the enjoyment of a cigar. These include cigar cases for storage, special cleaning brushes for lighters and flints that can be replaced if necessary.

Tips for proper lighting: Some basic tips for properly lighting a cigar include rotating the cigar over the flame, rather than holding it directly into the flame, to ensure an even burn. Furthermore, it is recommended to hold the lighter at a 45-degree angle to avoid overheating the cigar.

In summary, cigar lighters, especially the Jetflame models, offer the perfect way to light a cigar in style and efficiency. The variety of options available and the high-quality accessories help to make the ritual of enjoying a cigar a real pleasure. Whether you are a passionate cigar lover or a casual smoker, a high-quality cigar lighter is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their cigar.