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GERMANUS Cigarette Case "Made in Germany"

GERMANUS Cigarette Case "Made in Germany" There are 73 products.


  • 85 mm (i.e. King Size)

    for e.g. standard size Filter cigarettes, standard size unfiltered cigarettes, Kingsize Cigarettes, many Cigarillo brands, among others Filter Cigarillos

  • 100 mm

    for smokes longer than 85mm. Among others these are many cigarillos, some cigarette brands with special formats, some own rolled cigarettes etc..

  • 2nd Choice

    These cigarette cases are all Made in Germany, each of them is well usable, but each also shows imperfections. These are single items. Our cases for cigarette smokers are handmade and unique. Thus, it's possible that e.g. a single case shows leather marks that affect the overall appearnace. These cases are listed here.

  • Nickel Plated

    GERMANUS Cigarette Case in silver colour nickel plated in matte or glossy polished finish. Corpus from band steel.

  • Silver Plated

    GERMANUS Cigarette Case in silver plated with genuine 925 Silver. Corpus of case from band steel.

  • Gold Plated Cigarette...

    GERMANUS Gold Cigarette Cases

    Our GERMANUS cigarette cases are gold plated with real gold, 24 carat. The gilding carried out according to the manufacturer's specification has a fineness of 99.8%. The designation 24 carat corresponds to a fine gold content of 99.99%. However, coatings of this purity are very soft and sensitive, which is why in practice so-called hard gold electro-lytes with 0.5% alloys are used. In the electroplating industry, it is common to refer to such decorative coatings as 24 carats, since the color tone is quite accurate and the purity almost corresponds to the pure fine gold. Calculated results however only a value of 23.95 kt.

  • Leather Cover

    GERMANUS Cigarette Case in with leather coating. Frame in alloy, nickel, siver, gold. Cigarette Case Corpus from band steel.

  • Unfiltered

    Cigarette Cases for Unfitlered Cigarettes.

  • Slim

    Cigarette Caes for Slim Cigarettes. (120 mm)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 73 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 73 items

GERMANUS Cigarette Case handcrafted in Germany, Made in Germany

The Cigarette Cases, which are offered in this category are actual Made in Germany, fully German products. These superior cases are manufactured according to German quality standard.

Our cigarette cases are manufactured specially for us according to our demands, wishes and requests. Most of our cases are exclusive products solely available through our shop. Some cases even made their appearance on screen: The BBC ordered on of the silver cases for one of their daily soap productions. A gold case was seen in the US series Boardwalk Empire as depicted.

GERMANUS Boardwalk Empire Steve Buscemi Nucky Thompson Cigar Case Zigarettenetui Zigaretten Etui

The very popular German daily newspaper Die Welt (The World) published an article about me and our Cigarette Cases.