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GERMANUS Crystals are our Classic product in our line of humidifying solutions for humidors.

The GERMANUS Humidor Crystal Granules offer a high osmotic power like depicted in pur video Video .

We offer filled humidifier boxes, which only need to be charged and used according to the given isntructions. We also offer replacement crystals as spare part, which can be used to equip humidifier boxes with.

Charging the GERMANUS Crystal Cigar Humidifier

“Charging” the Humidifier Please soak the humidifier box in distilled water for circa 15 minutes or inject distilled water through the grille. Please make sure that you don’t expose the humidifier longer than 15 minutes to the soaking process in distilled water. The medium inside the box could lift the lid or press through the grille.

Superfluous water can drain off by reversing the Humidifier Box. Please do that carefully. Please note that the crystals could release water under pressure resp. move into a gel like substance. Thus, please avoid unnecessary pressure onto the soaked crystals. You will not have to refuel them with water until the crystals shrinked (lost size). Depending on the humidor and the cigars you must refuel them ca. 1-2 times a month, the actual interval depends on the required humidity. (The required humidity depends on the quantity of cigars, how many new cigars are stored, in which condition those cigars arrive and how large your humidor is etc..) The whole procedure is uncomplicated and much safer than 18 conventional humidifier-systems.

The best place for the Humidifier Box depends on the size and design of the Humidor. For Humidors for up to ca. 100 cigars with just one large internal room, please only make sure that there's a gap between your cigars and the Humidifier and the wood. The humidity disperses through the Humidifier’s grille resp. openings. If you place cigars or wood directly in front of the grille resp. openings, they will receive the "whole dose" of dispersed humidity. Thus, please have an eye on your Humidor especially in the first time and control the correct functionality of the crystal Humidifier. If you like to fix the Humidifier Box to the humidor’s wall, please do that, but you needn't do it! If the design of your Humidor is complex with different layers or drawers, please make sure that the humidifier box(es) are placed equally. In addition please see our video at: (3) GERMANUS Crystals In addition to this paper a video manual is available from: However, please read this text carefully, because it provides more detailed information than what’s depicted in the video. The crystals‘ absorption capacity is very high. The process of absorbing is shown in detail in the mentioned

Question: My Humidifier Box includes fewer crystals than expected. Is this normal?
Answer: The included amount of crystals is sufficiently measured. Each granule absorbs such a quantity of water that more crystals would only lead to problems: The osmotic power of the Crystals is so strong that it can even lift off the lid of your Humidifier Box. Please make sure that you fill in only as much water as the capacity of your box can hold. Please follow the instructions given above and do not expose the box for more than 15 minutes to a bowl of distilled water. Please also have a look at my video on this issue on:

Question: Do I need to order the GERMANUS German Humidor Acrylpolymer Humidifier Crystals Acrylic Polymer separately or the crystals are included with the humidor?
Answer: If you buy a humidor or GERMANUS humidifer with crystals, the crystals are of course included in the scope of delivery rep. inserted into the device..

Question: If the crystals get dry can the crystals be reused?
Answer: Of course. Please just soak them again. You just need to let distilled water drain trough the grille. The process works for years.

Question:  How often do the crystals have to be soaked in the distilled water? How many times can the crystals be reused? How long time the crystals can be used?
Answer: When the crystals lost size, please provide them with a new load of distilled water. Basically, the process can be repeated infinite times. For hygienic reasons we recommend replacing the crystals from time to time. The replacement crystals are affordable and can be easily purchased from us.