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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

Our Cigar Humidifier Boxes are complete humidifiers, which are ready to be used in your cigar humidor. Our product line stands out by our own series of humidifier boxes, which are equipped with mostly exclusive substances. The core of these products is our GERMANUS Cigar Humidifier Boxes. I developed these humidor humidifiers, which are based on new variants of technologies. Each product sold under the GERMANUS label are our own manufacture. Most GERMANUS Cigar Humidifiers are assembled in Germany to keep the full control over the production process, which is only possible with national production Made In Germany. For Cigar Humidifiers, which are manufactured according to German quality standards, look out for GERMANUS, which reflect our Know-How.
All GERMANUS Humidifiers are own products, which are usually assembled from hand in Germany.

The products Crystal Pad, Humidor Wool and the Germanus Bead System are our own products. Partly, we distribute humidifier boxes, which are converted products, which were originally produced by third parties. Customers, who already have such boxes in their humidors request converted models. If you don’t want to purchase one of our conversion kits, please select one of the complete humidifiers, which are ready ex box.