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GERMANUS Beads is a 2-way humidifying system, Made in Germany, which can absorb and release moisture. As a regulator it can be combined with existing humidifiers. We also offer this as a set consisting of “Regulator” and “Tank”.

As simple to use as it can be.

Please dip ca. 25% of the regulator into distilled water. Please let super fluent water drain off and wipe the box dry. (The pearls may convey a crackling sound.) Place the regulator in the humidor. It’s done.

Existing humidifiers can usually kept installed. In that case, I recommend checkups with an exact hygrometer, tactile inspection of the cigars etc..

Please soak the humidifier box in distilled water for circa 15 minutes or inject distilled water through the grille. Please make sure that you don’t expose the humidifier longer than 15 minutes to the soaking process in distilled water.

The best place for the Humidifier Box depends on the size and design of the Humidor. Please leave some space between tank and cigars. Please don’t place both parts of the system, Regulator and tank resp. existing humidifiers, right next to each other, if there are alternatives. The reason is quite simple. The regulator “regulates” the humidity, which is dispensed by the tank. Placed next to each other, the regulator could receive to much moisture and wouldn’t work perfectly. The results would tend to be suboptimal. The perfect arrangement is a symmetrical order, if you have a hygrometer, it should be placed on half distance in the middle.
With reference to accuracy of Hygrometers: It’s possible that deviating values are displayed by your gauge. Please read the paragraph dealing with analogue gauges on that topic. Affordable Digital and Analogue Hygrometers have an inaccuracy of at least 5%.