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My humidifier box won't work. What's wrong with it?

I recognized a rating for a product of a competitor lately. It was about a humidor humidifier. The user complained about a not working product. Well, there are differences in quality. Every humidifier can be soaked with distilled water. If this doesn’t work as expected, there’s no malfunction, but an operator error.
If your humidor doesn’t reach the expected values, the following explanatory approach can be also helpful and applicable:

Our GERMANUS humidifier can be soaked easily. Please place it for a couple of minutes in distilled water. 15 Minutes should be enough to do the job. Alternatively, you can insert water at the grille with the help of an injection. Syringes with oder without needle can be bought at a pharmacy or printer shop. By osmotic powers it’s possible that water wouldn’t drain inside due to a inner vacuum, otherwise. The same of course applies to the known humidor liquids.

You will have to deal with the same physical issue that makes a diving bell working. The vacuum cannot escape because of the counter-pressure. How frequently this phenomenon appears with humidifiers also depends on the fluid’s density that you’re using.

Soaked once, the whole issue will be solved.

Please see the following videos, which show the process.

Refill of a Humidifer Box with a Squeeze Bottle (Minute: 1:15)

Humidor Humidifier soaked completely in bowl of water