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    Pipe cleaner and pipe cleaning

    Pipe cleaners are special tools for cleaning the pipe bores in the pipe body as well as the mouthpiece. Usually a pipe cleaner consists of a long wire, on the edges of which are attached brushes that widen conically towards the head end. These ensure that even the residues adhering to the edges of the smoke channel can be properly removed.

    GERMANUS Pipe cleaners and proper pipe cleaning

    Sometimes we have the feeling that a large percentage of all pipe cleaners we buy are used for handicrafts. For those who prefer to indulge in pipe pleasure rather than handicraft fun, we will explain the actual function and some tips on pipe cleaning in more detail below.
    Pipe cleaners are used to clean the pipe after the smoking pleasure from the accumulated liquids in the smoke channel. This is especially important with smoked tobacco. After all, you want to enjoy your pipe for a long time.

    First of all, the pipe should cool down for a short time after the smoking pleasure. Only after the pipe has cooled should the pipe be disassembled and the pipe filter removed. However, it is important to ensure that the pipe is dismantled properly to prevent potential damage to the pipe body and mouthpiece.

    How to disassemble the pipe properly

    First of all, it is important not to unscrew the mouthpiece from the stem until the pipe has cooled down a bit. Why? If the mouthpiece is still too warm and you remove it, the mouthpiece will expand and it can happen that it will not fit on the pipe bowl spar afterwards. If you accidentally remove the mouthpiece while it is still warm, please put it back on immediately!

    What we also often notice is that many people already make a serious mistake when taking the pipe apart. Whether opening or closing the pipe, it should be turned in one direction only, as if it were screwed on. It is recommended that the mouthpiece is always screwed on in a clockwise direction. Please never move it back and forth jerkily, otherwise you will damage the stem or the mouthpiece may break off.

    Use of GERMANUS pipecleaners

    For the proper cleaning of your pipes it is recommended to make sure that the pipe cleaner reaches both through the stem and completely through the mouthpiece. This can be checked by checking whether the cleaner protrudes from the front of the head bore. Once inserted, the pipe cleaner should remain there for a good two to four hours and should always be removed before using the pipe again!

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