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  • Filtered

    Corncob Pipes with standard 6mm Filter System. All filtered Corncob replacement bits suit these shapes.

  • Filterlos

    Unfiltered Corncob Pipes with without Filter System. The unfiltered Corncob replacement bits suit these shapes. For some shapes, the slim unfiltered bit is needed, where clearly stated in the item description of the corresponding pipe.

  • Corncob Wood Pipes

    These "Corncob" Pipes are made of Maple Hardwood. They resemble the regular Corncob pipes in shape and design, but are made of hardwood. These pipes are both large and durable and still lightweight.

  • Handmade 9mm Bits
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Showing 1 - 12 of 100 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 100 items

These pipes are the Original products from Missouri Meerschaum Co. in the USA, which stand out through outstanding quality. This is a real traditional product. The American settlers at the Mississippi had confidence in these pipes. This is the pipe, which the Sailor loved so much. Available in Bent and Straight Billard Shape.

This pipe also became famous, since MacArthur used it due to its sturdy quality in action. Although the pipes are made from a corn cob, they are as hard as if normal Bruyere wood had been used to produce these pipes. At the same time the material is able to absorb a lot of humidity resp. condensate. Please look forward to dry smoking please. If you usually smoke normal Bruyere pipes too hot, this "Kentucky Meerschaum" might solve your problems. Also recommend for "hot-smokers".

FAQ: How long will a Corncob last? - Answer: Corncobs will last for years. Smoked with a standard Virginia blend without great flavouring at a moderate speed you will enjoy your pipe for a very long time. These are actual sturdy products. You pipe also won't break. There's no pipe out there that's as easy to handle as a Corncob pipe, needs so less care and is so easy to smoke. That makes a Cornob also an ideal companion for starters. A bucket of Corncob pipes purchased at the beginning of your pipe career will last for many years and will follow you through the years in contrast to other pipes that will come and go.