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Boveda Humidipaks for Cigar Humidors

Boveda Cigar Humidifiers are a popular system these days. The Boveda system was used with cigar cases initially, whereonly regulation is demanded. That’s what Boveda does: It’s a salt-like substance that regulates humidity.

We offer all Boveda types of all sizes and all conidtions. Here you can buy Boveda. In particular, we also offer Boveda for its original purpose: musical instruments and storing food correctly. Please note the scale prices and benefit from the price advantage when purchasing complete boxes, e.g. a 12 pieces or a whole packing unit Boveda a 120 pieces.

So, Boveda is a good system for airtight humidors. However, it cannot generate and dispense enough moisture for regular humidors itself. It only works really well with airtight humidors. That tightness isn’t wanted. Quality humidor cabinets aren’t airtight. Boveda is available here. We offer single packs of Boveda, scale prices for packs a 12 Bobeda sacchets or even lower prices for whole cartons with 120 Boveda sacchets included.

We receive a lot of questions these days about Boveda. Yes, it's an interesting system. That's why I decided to give information about all the aspects that we're asked about. The reason for the questions is usually the fact that the regulator Boveda is used in an environment without enough moisture. Boveda Humidipaks are meant to be replaced after ca. 2-3 months. It's a 2-way moisturing system, but can only be used for a limited period of time each. Boveda is a good and exact system to regulate humidity, but it cannot provide enough moisture by itself depending on the case. If the humidipak is already dried out, it's too small for the volume of your humidor; you won't get the exact values. Please also remember, that it actually tries to achieve the printed level of humidity. But it's possible that it won't reach e.g. the 72% mark under all circumstances. Please also remember that a hygrometer is never absolutely exact. Examples ex praxis will be described in the following field test.

Boveda explains in their FAQ that not only the things inside the box, but also the whole wood needs to be provided with moisture. If you compare the moisture saved in a Boveda with the demand of water that's needed for a regular seasoning process of a cigar humidor, you can estimate how many sachets you will need. "Boveda has some catch-up work to do, so your first Boveda won’t last as long as subsequent ones."

The moisture after storage of new cigars can drop. This is completely normal. The Cigars must first be moistened. Especially in newly seasoned humidors you will usually observe this. Boveda points out in her FAQ.

Please also remember: Basically, a humidor is a box. It cannot be broken as long as there's not fist-size hole in the walls. Each of our humidor models is tested with our humidifying solution before it gets listed.
In the same way, a Boveda cannot be broken as long as the sacchet isn't ripped open or dried out. So a new sealed Boveda is OK. If your system won't work, the reason is usually and outdated Boveda Humidipak or an under dimensioned quantity of humidipaks in your humidor.

Boveda is a 2-way system. It absorbs humidity and dispenses moisture. In this way, you can compare it to our GERMANUS Bead System. Our system consists of a regulator and a tank. It’s a system with 2 separate boxes. While I worked out the function and created the new system, I did a great lot of tests with most existing humidifying system out there on the market. Among the testes system, I also gained experience with Boveda. It used to work great in airtight travel humidors and cigar cases. But I had problems to keep a constant level of humidity, when the air outside was drier than the Boveda regulation limit, which is usually about 70%. This way I observed that that moisture was missing in the system. There was simply nothing to regulate. I added a cup of water and it worked quite well.

I don’t know if Boveda changed the prescriptions, but speaking form my experience, when you have too low humidity in your cigar humidor, add a source of moisture and check how it changes. Of course we aren't Boveda. Boveda is not my trademark and humidipaks aren't my products. It will do my best to give you support, when you want to use Boveda in one of our systems. But we cannot guarantee for Boveda. Each of our humidor models is tested with the included GERMANUS humidiying system before you will see it online. For final answers to questions inherent with Boveda please try to reach out to their US based support.

Here you can access pictures of our testing Boveda in a standard humidor as PDF

Test 1 (One picture each day). Please see the used amount of Boveda. That quantity was used according to the recommendations of Boveda, who recommend 2+ sachets of Boveda for this cabinet size. I recommend using 3-4 sachets for this size of humidor. Multiple seasoning kits for each humidor are recommended to season a humidor. Regular cabinets will demand for a dozen or more Boveda (60g) if one uses the experiences from this test as base of a calculation for cabinets. Pictures of our test as PDF

Boveda Humidor Befeuchter Humidifier

Customer Questions

Why does the humidity level in my humidor cabinet fall with Boveda and won't keep steady

If you put your humidifier on Boveda and do not really generously measure the amount of bovedas used, moisture just will not suffice to saturate the wood. This works great with wooden instruments, great with cigar boxes or cigar suitcases etc.pp. In addition, the humidor is possibly still a bit empty and the Bovedas generally undersized. Then stable values can not be achieved in this way. You own a cabinet.

The amount of water is not sufficient for the job it should do in your humidor cabinet. For comparison, the example "Electronic humidifier" and the amount of water contained therein. If you want to humidify the same humidor converted in Boveda, you will need a certain amoutn of Bovedas. You can quickly get to dozens of packs of Boveda (60g) depending on the humidor size that you need for this task. If you use the appropriate amount of material, this is of course a good way.

Boveda is available here. We offer single packs of Boveda, scale prices for packs a 12 Bobeda sacchets or even lower prices for whole cartons with 120 Boveda sacchets included.