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  • Humidifier Boxes

    Our Cigar Humidifier Boxes are complete humidifiers, which are ready to be used in your cigar humidor. Our product line stands out by our own series of humidifier boxes, which are equipped with mostly exclusive substances. The core of these products is our GERMANUS Cigar Humidifier Boxes. I developed these humidor humidifiers, which are based on new variants of technologies. Each product sold under the GERMANUS label are our own manufacture. Most GERMANUS Cigar Humidifiers are assembled in Germany to keep the full control over the production process, which is only possible with national production Made In Germany. For Cigar Humidifiers, which are manufactured according to German quality standards, look out for GERMANUS, which reflect our Know-How.
    All GERMANUS Humidifiers are own products, which are usually assembled from hand in Germany.

    The products Crystal Pad, Humidor Wool and the Germanus Bead System are our own products. Partly, we distribute humidifier boxes, which are converted products, which were originally produced by third parties. Customers, who already have such boxes in their humidors request converted models. If you don’t want to purchase one of our conversion kits, please select one of the complete humidifiers, which are ready ex box.

  • Humidifier Substances

    Humidifying media are our core business. We specialize in innovative substances for the humidor humidification. Amongst others we offer GERMANUS Crystals in three granularities, GERMANUS Humidifier Crystal Pads, the impressive GERMANUS Humidor Wool (woven crystals) and the GERMANUS Bead System, which is our top range product. All products are sold thousands of times each year.

    The GERMANUS crystals allow a regulated moisture release. The provoked achievable maximum is only ca. 80%. So, even if one doesn't pay any attention to the Humidor, it's hardly possible to get the cigars too wet and much easier to keep the cigars at a steady level of ca. 70% than possible with a simple sponge.

    GERMANUS Humidor Cigar Pads
    Very easy to handle, delivers stable values. The Acryl polymer Humidor Humidifier Pads are easier to dose than crystal granules. Pads are according to my knowledge an exclusive product of my shop: In addition to that they deliver humidity more controlled than crystals do. After all pads are the "better" crystals-system.

    GERMANUS Humidor Cigar Wool
    The GERMANUS Crystal Wool is a new innovative variant of the GERMANUS Pad System. Even easier to dose are these Wool Pads, which are to our knowledge an exclusive product. They deliver moisture more controlled than crystals do. After all pads and wool are the "better" crystals-system.

    Appliance of the wool is similar to the pad system. Our GERMANUS Wool is more compact and sturdy than our best seller GERMANUS Pad, however. The video footage of spiked GERMANUS Humidor Wool is meant to underline its sturdiness. You could use the Wool in that way, basically, GERMANUS Humidor Cigar wool is meant to be used in humidifier boxes like crystals or pads or each other system.

    Both systems, GERMANUS Cigar Humidor Pads and GERMANUS Cigar Humidor Wool are offered on an equal level.

    Basically, crystals and all other systems can be used for many year, but you can replace those once a year.

    GERMANUS Humidor Cigar Bead System
    The top product on top of the scale is our GERMANUS Humidor Bead System. Beads are Pearls, which absorb and release moisture in both ways and regulate the humidity level in your humidor automatically. Conditioned to a certain level, they keep it precisely without the need to keep an eye on the system. Humidify it, insert it and feel good. No worries about the brown gold. The system is available in a 65% version for smokers, who prefer their cigars a tad lower or for long-time storage. The 70% system provides the popular standard storage level of 70% rel. humidity. The GERMANUS Bead system should be dimensioned according to a rough estimation fitting for your humidor. If you’re unsure about the recommend sized or quantities of a humidifier, we offer a calculator to you. The capacity output of the calculator corresponds to the Humidor Volumes. So, you can simply match the recommendations, which are provided for each item to find corresponding products.

  • Electronic Humidifiers
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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items

Cigar Humidor Humidifier are presented according to your selected Humidor volume. Each humidor holds a certain capacity of cigars. The stated capacity should roughly match the recommend Cigar Humidifier size and capacity. A Humidor for ca. 100 cigars will demand for 4-5 humidifiers designed to moisturize 25 cigars. The advantage of multiple small humidifier boxes is an evenly distributed moisture. This is even more important in view of complex humidor designs. For certain models like large humidor chests, one large humidifier may be the recommend choice, however. A humidifier designed for 100 cigars in a humidor for 100 cigars will fulfil their job, too. The preferred variant is based on your own preferences and the humidor at issue.

In general, an empty humidor requires a rather larger humidifier capacity. All humidifier models are available in the long term. We offer the certainty that our own products will remain available for years will be available to be purchased, if you need replacements some day.