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Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items

One of the easiest ways to add some style to a simple average cigarette is using a nice lighter to light it. What’s got for cigars and pipes and meets the high requirements there is usable for cigarettes either way. In addition to our line of lighters, we offer a selection rather unique Zippo lighters.

Jetflame Lighters
Jetflame lighters demand a certain level of manufacturing quality. That’s why each lighter is tested before being listed online. The jetflame lighters are selected with respects to a good cost performance ratio. These are affordable products of good sturdy quality. Gas quality matters in terms of jetflame lighters. Selected gas cartridges with low/zero impurities are available from here also.

Petrol Lighters
Among others these comprises our selection of Zippo Petrol lighters. Only Zippo models that are not available broadly are of interest for us. That’s why we don’t offer some of the standard Zippo models. In addition to Zippo cigarette lighters also the utensils like Zippo Wicks, Zippo Flints and Zippo cotton wool are available from our shop to keep your lighter working. The Zippo spare parts also work with most other lighters demanding for replacement parts.

Gas Lighters
Gas Lighters with normal flame are like the other lighter groups selected products in terms of design and quality. Lighters in general are a science in their selves. That’s why selection is urgently needed. Corresponding gas cartridges of high quality Butane gas are offered here either.