Cigar Guide


Baiscally, there are 3 kinds of woods that are used or should be used for humidor veneers. Each of them is usable for cigar humidors.

Most popular among these is Spanish Cedar Wood, which is also known as Cedro. It provides for a pleasant aroma inside the humidor. Cigar Smokers, who have their first humidor, are sometimes a bit irritated about the smell, which can be surprisingly strong. This odour is wanted. Cedar Woood is expensive. Not every well aged wood conveys that smell. But when you encounter the smell, you know that it guarantees for a certain level of quality.
In addition to the positive effects on teh cigar aging, the odour helps to keep tobacco worms away and therefore helps to protect cigars.

It’s cedar wood, but not Cedro: American/Canadian Cedar wood. Better known as Red Cedar. The odour is different from the Spanish Cedar Wood, but also quite pleasant. The shade of the wood in your humidor mainly depends on the tree where it comes from. It doesn’t allow a sure identification of the used kind of wood.
Each of this precious woods has nothing in common with the regular domestic cedar from our forests. The wood of the domestic cedar cannot be used for humidors. To keep it simple and the text readable, we refer to cedro and the cedar wood of humidors as „cedar wood“ or simply “cedar”. This never refers to the domestic cedar from our European forests.

Finally, Mahagony. It’s also called Mahogany or Mahagoni or Mahogani. No matter how it’s spelled, this refers to a precious wood that smells neutral. Mahagony is often used for humidor-veneers. It’s not bad, but most smokers prefer cedar for the above given reasons.

We stay away from Mahagony, even if products with a Mahaogony veneer can be of good quality. The vast majority of our customers is in favour of cedar wood. That’s why we concentrate on cedar.