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  • Genuine Leather

    Like our proclaimed pouches from artificial leather, our selection of real leather cigarette tobacco pouches became popular world wide.

  • Leather Free...

    These tobacco pouches are completely free of leather made from artificial leather, which is of high quality. These are prestigious products that be gained a certain degree of popularity for all over Europe and in North America and South America.

  • Kavatza

    Kavatza Tobacco Pouches are actual unique Tobaccopouches. These tobacco bags distinguished themselves by their high standards in manufacturing quality. The superior leather quality in addition to the virtues of a finecut pouch of a company led by an enthusiastic team. Kavatza offers great customer support with a sincere contact. We offer all Kavatza tobacco pouch models. We ask you for your understanding that these are products made from natural leather, which therefore are each unique. No two Kavatza pouches are exactly the same.

  • Rubberized Inner...

    These tobacco pouches include an internal compartment to take up loose tobacco without the original plastic pouch. Depending on the model, the original plastic pouch can be included optionally as well.


  • 2nd Choice

    These are tobacco pouches of 2nd choice. We classify pouches as second choice if they were used as exhibition object. So, you can find e.g. little signs of tobacco that was inserted for presentation. This can also be pouches with little blemished in the leather. Only fully functional products are offered here.

  • Budget Tobacco Pouches

    All these budget Tobacco Pouches are special offers. Those usually don't show a reduced price. The whole remaining stock of tobacco pouches models of third party manufacturers is purchased. Accordingly, we offer these pouches at a special price. These tobacco pouches to roll your cigarettes are lower priced than just discounted.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 108 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 108 items

I have a wide range of tobacco bags to store your tobacco transportable with cigarettes, papers and filters in it. All bags are kind of own brand and valued by many former customers for their quality processing.

Push your cigarette smoking with some nice utensils and make it more enjoyable. All prodcuts are affordable, usually for the price of ca. 2 cigarette packs.