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  • GERMANUS Humidore

    Our GERMANUS Humidors are our products, made according to our ideas and demands. GERMANUS Humidors guarantee for a certain level of quality and cost performance.

    Each humidor setup is tested before listed and sold. So, you can always be sure that the delivered humidor setup and was intentionally created.

    Each humidor model comes with detailed instructions. Most models contain our GERMANUS Humidor Brevier, a Humidor Instructions booklet, which successfully led former customers to a well working humidor. The booklet gives advice how to set up your new humidor and how to use our GERMANUS Humidifiers and GERMANUS Hygrometers.

  • up to 50 cigars

    Humidors up to circa 50 ct. cigar capacity. The capacity is calculated on basis of the Corona Format (like e.g. J.L. Piedra Brevas or Montecristo No 4).

  • Humidor larger 50 cigars

    Humidors for more than circa 50 ct. cigar capacity. The capacity is calculated on basis of the Corona Format (like e.g. J.L. Piedra Brevas or Montecristo No 4).

  • Travel Humidors

    Cigar Cases to keep your cigars safe and secure on the way.

  • Special Humidors

    These are special storage solutoions for cigars with reference to their technique, innovation resp. fancy design.

  • Divider

    Dividers for Humidors to separate cigars and get a clear view of your stock.

  • Humidor Hygrometer Gauges

    Humidor Hygrometer: Humidity Gauges for your cigar humidity to keep an eye on the moisture

  • Humidor Cabinet

    Each Humidor Cabinets includes the capabilities to store cigars on different levels. Each of our cigar cabinets offers dismountable shelves resp. drawers. So, you can always decide whether you want to use the humidor like depicted or dismount on or more shelves to have enough space for whole cigar boxes inside the humidor cabinet. Each humidor cabinet is tested by us before listed in our shop. So, you always can be sure that the humidifying system is working and dimensioned in accordance with the humidor. For our GERMANUS humidor cabinets most models have spare parts like drawers and separators resp. dividers.

  • Humidors - 2nd Choice

    Discounted Variant "1B"

    I select all Humidors carefully. That leads to the fact that a minor part is classified as B-Quality. All these Humidors still work well, otherwise I would fully discard them. These only show optical blemishes. B-Quality Humidors are new Humidors with (minor) optical blemishes at a largely discounted price. If you want to buy a used humidor, you're in the right category, too. Returned items, which can show wear, are sold here at a low sale price. Those items are clearly marked as such in title and description.

  • budget Cigar Humidors

    Humidor-budget. These humidors are the perfect affordable Cigar Humidor for Beginners or as a second Humidor. These humidors have a very good cost performance ratio. They are low priced, but still offer much value for the money. The Cigar Humidors in this category can be discounted products or a special offer: We sometimes buy whole stocks of third party manufacturers and are therefore able to offer special prices on those models.


  • Humidor Sets
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Showing 1 - 12 of 226 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 226 items

Cigar Humidors are especially for the storage of cigars manufactured boxes. Each humidor is processed in a valuable way and equipped with a humidifier. All humidors are functioning properly with the delivered scope of supply
Our product range stands out by products designed by us, which are manufactured exclusively for us. These include amongst others our own line of humidors, humidifying solutions for cigar humidors according to our preferences, which are based on new technologies. Our own products are offered under our trademark GERMANUS. If you’re looking for our products, which meet German quality standards, look out for GERMANUS products.
Each GERMANUS Humidifier is an own exclusive product, which are assembled in Germany. So, we have the direct control over the quality standards of the production process.

Our humidors are categorized by capacities. Counting a Humidor’s capacity in cigars is difficult, since a cigar is no exactly defined item. According to the smoker’s personal preferences the sizes of the smoked cigars differ. Our counting is based on the standard size cigar, which is in our opinion the Corona format and the Puritos format for adherents of smaller sizes, which increased over the past years according to the modern fast-moving times. (Example: J.L. Piedra Brevas a cigar typical of „Allday Smokes“).

With separate categories we distinguish items, in which only the substances are offered as a conversion kit and categories, in which complete humidifying boxes are listed.