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Kavatza bags are a product requiring a lot of consultation. That's why I, as a manufacturer and brand owner of GERMANUS bags, can call myself very experienced in matters of Kavatza products.

We actually received every conceivable question. To my astonishment, however, new questions keep coming up. Therefore I would like to deal with a few topics in general, in order to offer a certain amount of additional information, which would go beyond the scope of an article description.
Some words about Kavatza

Kavatza is a legally protected name. One acquires such a protection right in order to distinguish a product as such from others. The product that is subject to this protection right is therefore always original or not original. An intermediate form is practically hard to imagine. Kavatza refers to the peculiarity of the product by the addition "original". In a certain sense, this is therefore naturally banal.

The "original" stands much more for the deviations in the model series. In contrast to other protected products, Kavatza bags are quite different. So if you receive a different product with the same name, it is probably a case of a large serial distribution. Kavatza calls this uniqueness and sales argument.

For the retailer, the problem of presentation on the Internet arises. For this purpose I took thousands of photos of Kavatza bags over the years. Each model is shown with a selection of photos to underline the range of available bags. In case of fundamental differences (smooth leather, suede, rough leather etc.) within a product name, we offer this as a separate variant. This is a special and to my knowledge unique service in terms of maximum transparency. Unfortunately Kavatza does not offer this service in this form.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a Kavatza bag, please ask Kavatza directly with photos of your bag or send the copy there after consultation with Kavatza. Should you have any questions regarding the quality of the product and/or complaints, Kavatza will be happy to take care of it with a very cordial service: Contact is made via by email, phone, mobile phone or mail.

It has to be said that the presentation on the manufacturer's site is not as extensive as ours and shows only one bag per model. However, there are 6 and in the future more different leather variants in different sizes with different buttons. The illustration there shows partly less than 20% of what is available under the model name. In case of doubt please ask Kavatza directly. Uncertainties can be eliminated for you absolutely safely. The presentation of the products is the responsibility of the dealers. Kavatza takes the trouble to answer every inquiry personally and gladly accepts its responsibility.

I guarantee that you will of course always receive only "original" Kavatza when you purchase an "original Kavtza" from us. The same applies of course to all articles and is not emphasized, as it is a matter of course as briefly explained above. For this purpose, there are trademarks or property rights in general.

There are essentially these deviations in relation to Kavatza tobacco pouches. The deviations are present within one model (e.g. TP3) and are intended by Kavatza: they produce the bags this way.
Different leather at Kavatza:

For this we always show a wide range of photos. Some of them contain quite different leathers in a package of 10. This is wanted by Kavatza.

The problem behind this is the difficulty to provide identical leather permanently. Leather is a natural material and the leather manufacturers have changing offers.

For our GERMANUS bags I personally go to great lengths to achieve the most identical leather possible with a minimum of serial production over the years. You can find GERMANUS pouches here: GERMANUS Tobacco Pouch Cosarara. Cosa Rara means a rare and precious thing. GERMANUS Cosarara

Kavatza increased and sometimes also decreaed the width of the bags by about 10mm. So they are now more compatible with more pouches. In the trade there are now partly different sizes under the same name.

Different buttons at Kavatza:

Currently (as of 2016) there are at least 3 types of buttons: push button without embossing, magnetic button without embossing, magnetic button with embossing. It can be assumed that further button variants will be available in the future or are already partly available. So if the button on your copy differs, please do not be surprised. Kavatza delivers several variations here.

From Kavatza's point of view, all these special features are to emphasize the uniqueness of the product.