Cigar Guide

Dryness and the fear of mummification of cigars The headline is deliberately a little over the top.

Again and again we receive emergency calls from cigar owners who are looking for a humidor in time trouble. What to do if no humidor is available, but the cigars are already waiting at home? Please respond calmly in such cases. :) It is only important that you do not expose the cigars to extremely fluctuating environmental values. So keep them away from the sun, coolness and heat. Leave the cigars in the box or outer packaging. Even more resistant are cigars in tubo or cellophane (cello).

As far as available, a food-safe and preferably air-tight box provides a good deposit. If such is not available, the wardrobe or similar would be recommended.

The background: Possible loss of water is not a problem at first. The loss must not be very abrupt. Otherwise cover sheets may be ruptured by the different moisture content in the cigar. (The same applies to humidification.)

Water can easily be replaced by gentle moistening later.

The problem is a dehydration that lasts more than a few weeks. The oils of the cigar leaves (tannins) are not replaceable. However, the volatilization of these oils is slow and only plays a role over a few months. So there can be no really acute emergencies when cigars without humidor are owned.

If the cigars are supplied in tubo or cellophane, dehydration sometimes does not play a disastrous role, even when persisting over decades. We have been able to revive finds of Davidoff cigars from Cuban production in the 1970s. This product is packed in cellophane. The oils in dried form were therefore still preserved.

In general, even with the volatilization of oils after a few months may be perceived negative nuances in the taste. But there is still no talk of ruining the cigar. After rewetting, it usually takes a skilled palate to distinguish a few months of dried goods from properly stored goods.

Please store your cigars promptly. From a panic or worry, we can only advise against experience. Your cigars will forgive you as described above.