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Filter for Corncob Pipes. In addition to the original Medico Filters, alternate products Made in Germany resp. Made in Italy are available.
The standard filter for Corncob pipes are the Medico filters from the USA of the Missouri Meerschaum Co. The original Corncob filters fit perfectly into the 6 mm filter chamber of the filtered mouthpieces. Alternatively, we offer in Germany hand-made filters of the brand Elephant, which include activated carbon or sea foam granules. The Balsa filters from the renowned Italian pipe manufacturer Savinelli are another suitable alternative.

The 6mm activated carbon filter, formerly manufactured by Denicotea in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, was reissued after the sale of the machinery by the buyer Gizeh. The new Gizeh filters are shorter, which ensures an optimized train of Corncob with the same filter effect.
As a cheaper alternative, we carry the filters of the brand Super Heroes, which perform the same function. Also the Super Heroes 6 mm activated carbon filters for Corncob are "short" 6mm filters