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Toscano cigars

Here you will find supplies for Toscani cigars such as Humidor, cutter for sharing the Toscano in 2 Toscanelli so far cases for transport. Here are some words to Toscani in the words of the importer. The myth

The story of the TOSCANO® cigars is based on the following myth. A summer torrential rain in 1815 produced such huge amounts of water that they could no longer be taken up by the Arno. The water also reached the Toscano grounds and soaked the tobacco bales stored outside. The precious tobacco that was spoiled by the rain, you did not want to destroy and so it was decided to make a completely new cigar out of it. This should be offered to the simple Florentine citizens at an affordable price. To everyone's surprise, the cigars were a great success right from the start. The water had triggered a fermentation process in the tobacco and created a completely new taste. The TOSCANO® cigar, with its typical shape and unique taste, is a symbol of the Italian way of life that can be recognized everywhere. With almost 200 years of history, it is an icon of Italian products and inseparably interwoven with the history of Italy and its inhabitants.

The production
The tobacco

The TOSCANO® Cigar is made exclusively from fermented Kentucky tobaccos. So that the same flavor is always guaranteed, special demands are placed on the tobacco qualities. The composition of the cigar

A TOSCANO® is made from the insert and the binder. Cigars, e.g. Made in the Caribbean, consist of insert, binder and an additional cover sheet. This important difference makes it clear that special demands are placed on the quality of the leaflet. For TOSCANO® cigars selected thicker Kentucky tobacco leaves are used, which have particularly uniform surfaces and give the cigar a beautiful look. The fire treatment

The Kentucky tobacco is characterized by its dark color and is subjected to a special "fire treatment". This has been unchanged for over 100 years. But the tobacco comes in special ovens, which are fired with oak and beech wood. As a result, the leaves are subjected to an intensive drying process associated with the process of smoking of e.g. Ham is comparable.

The fermentation The tobacco is today, as in the former summer rain with water soaked. The wet tobacco is then pressed. The resulting heat starts the fermentation process. For uniform fermentation, the pressed bales are taken apart several times and rearranged. The fermentation lasts 30-50 days, depending on the cigar. This process gives the TOSCANO® cigar its intense, full and unique aroma. The storage

The perfect enjoyment begins with the storage. The cigar TOSCANO® should be stored in a humidor or a cigar box with about 65% -75% humidity. Until enjoyment, it should be left in the breathable cellophane wrap.

The cut

Please do not destroy a TOSCANO® cigar by breaking it with your hands or using a pair of scissors to split it into two pieces. Use a sharp cigar cutter. The perfect cut ensures even burn of the cigar. One half in the morning and the other half in the evening. The Friendship Cigar A particularly nice reason to share the cigar is to smoke it with a friend. Thus, Toscanello has become known in Italy and far beyond the borders as a cigar of friendship.