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The wallet is the accessory we always have with us.

Always on the person is the wallet

The wallet accompanies us in every situation. Whether shopping, in a restaurant, during leisure time, on a trip or in a beer garden - the wallet is always with us. It offers space for cash, cards, credit cards, notes and coins. And usually there is also room for business cards or small everyday items in the wallet.

GERMANUS wallets are mainly manufactured in the EU. German Designs.
The designs range from classics in black and brown to modern purses made of cork leather and models in trendy colours.
Embossed materials in flower look (paisley design) are timeless.

Vegan purses

GERMANUS also produces leather-free wallets that fit the vegan meat-free lifestyle. Made without animal components from faux leather, cork leather and other animal-free leather alternatives.

The wallet as a fashion accessory.

Since the purse is presented again and again, it makes sense to see the purse as a fashion accessory that is chosen to match the handbag and purpose. Due to the variety of shapes, colours and materials, a purse is an interesting product that can definitely attract attention.