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Original Missouri Quality Corncob Pipe - Shape: Mini

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Material Corncob Pipe
Pipe Bottom Standard enhanced
Basis Shape Straight
Filter Unfiltered

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Original Missouri Meerschaum Co. Quality Corncob Pipe
The pipe loved by Douglas MacArthur.

Shape: Feather Smooth, Billiard

The Miniature Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a small, pocket-sized pipe available in both Natural and Varnished finishes. It's ideal for a very short smoke, for party favors, or as a novelty. This pipe is non-filtered and comes with your choice of an amber or black bit. The small stem can be imprinted. See Product Description below for more details.

This Corncob Pipe is equipped with an unfiltered bit. Replacement stem bits always in stock.  Original Missouri Meerschaum Co. Product, Made in the USA. Please see the related shop category.
Perfect lightweigth pipe for work, to test new tobaccos or for guests.

Length: 8.9 cm
Weight: ca. 12g, true Featherweight

Smoking a Corncob Pipe

Cornpipes are made of the corn’s cob, but show stiffness equal to briar wood. The material absorbs condensate very well. This makes these pipes also a good choice for beginners. It goes without saying that this concerns each tobacco. If you prefer smoking without filter, also try a Corn Cob. You will like the dry smoke for just a few bucks.
Corn Cobs are Lightweight Pipes. A Corncob Pipe brings only ca. 30g on the balance (depends on the actual model).

No conditioning needed as applies to Briar or normal Meerschaum Pipes. The first smokes may just show a light pleasant taste of corn, which may remind you of popcorn.
Corn Cob Pipes expressly don’t need much attention.

The basic question usually asked is how long-living and durable a Cornpipe could be. The Original Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Pipes are a traditional product, because these Corncob pipes are of a great sturdy quality. These pipes are nearly shock-resistant and quite indestructible.
Burn-Outs as you could heard of can quite surely excluded for these genuine pipes, even if provoke intentionally. The stiffness of this corn pipe’s bowl will resist the burning tobacco.

Saturation, as described for some corn pipes, doesn’t apply to these Original Missouri Meerschaum Co. Corncob Pipes: It’s true that these pipes will be saturated with condensate one day. Strong flavoured tobacco will over time block the pores of the material and impede the “breathing” of your pipe.
Until then you will have smoke it so often that it will really have done its duty then.
With reference to daily use such a pipe will last for many months resp. years.
A main feature and advantage of Corncobs compared to usual briar pipes is the dry smoke that you will enjoy. As the material absorbs condensate truly well it cannot affect the smoking pleasure.

Crossover is also a minor problem with Corncob Pipes. If you just want to take one single pipe with you, but change the tobacco, a Corn Cob offers you the chance to smoke different tobaccos from one single bowl without great crossover.

Sturdy, durable pipe, with neutral taste during the smoking experience, light weight and so affordable that replacing it is bearable.

Sturdy: These pipes are nearly shock-resistant and quite indestructible. No Burn-Outs!
Durable: Will do its duty.
Neutral Taste: Highly absorbent material for a dry smoke, which also makes crossover a minor problem.
Light Weight: A Corncob Pipe brings only ca. 30g on the balance (depends on the actual model).
So affordable that replacing it is bearable.


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Original Missouri Quality Corncob Pipe - Shape: Mini

Original Missouri Quality Corncob Pipe - Shape: Mini

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