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GERMANUS Pipe Bent Natura


GERMANUS Bent Pipe Natura
Made in Italy

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Data sheet

Origin Made in Italy
Color Brown
Material Bruyere
Packaging Pipe Bag
Product Line Bent
Model Natura
Manufacturing Serial Pipe
Pipe Surface Sandblasted
Coating Outside Natura, No Finish
Basis Shape Bent
Bowl Material Bruyere
Filter Filter (9 mm)
Shape Bent
Bit Variant Normal Bite
Material Bit Acryl
Ring Silver Colour

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GERMANUS Bent Pipe Natura
Made in Italy

Our pipes are high quality manufactured tobacco pipes. They are also suitable for smokers of all experience levels and are a good choice especially for beginners. This pipe is suitable in form and function for both beginners and experienced pipe smokers. Beginners often make the mistake of buying a product that is not sufficiently well manufactured when they start pipe smoking. The pleasure is then correspondingly small. This product may be slightly more expensive than classic beginner pipes. However, you are purchasing a pipe made entirely in Italy, which, with the right care, will give you decades of pleasure. Therefore this series is our suggestion to all those who want to start with a certain quality. This pipe is not primarily aimed at beginners. We just think that the beginner should get a reasonable tool directly in his hands.
About the processing: We only wax, we do not varnish. The grain comes out so nicely. In contrast to varnish, wax is insensitive to heat. With 9mm filter hole. The mouthpiece is made of acrylic. With decorative ring. Clean hole in the head at the bottom of the combustion chamber. Nothing is more annoying than an unclean hole. Therefore we pay special attention to a cleanly set bore.

Dimensions: Length approx. 153 mm, head height approx. 50 mm, head diameter approx. 40 mm, hole approx. 43 mm deep and 21 mm wide
Shape Bent

Chris Morgan hit a nerve with his Bones Stubby series. The idea wasn't new: Natural Pipe finishes have existed at every time in pipe smoking history. New was the idea to sell imperect pipes. Thousands of American pipes smokers are happy to smoke with such pure and reasonable priced pipes. Why put filling paset in a smokeable pipe? Small imperfections like holes or fissures do not have impacts on the smokeability.

Our GERMANUS pipes have a higher standard. Of course, Nature does not have to be perfect. But one can select. :)
The pipe will develop a beautiful patina after prolonged use.


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GERMANUS Pipe Bent Natura

GERMANUS Pipe Bent Natura

GERMANUS Bent Pipe Natura
Made in Italy

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